Saturday, August 28, 2010

Making Kimbab

Last weekend, our host family made kimbab together for lunch.  I think I'm on my way to becoming a great Korean housewife...NOT. Nonetheless, I had fun learning something new.  Even though my kimbab rolls were either too triangular or rectangular in shape, they tasted delicious.
Kimbab (김밥)

1.) Place sheet of seaweed flat on bamboo mat.
2.) Spread rice onto bottom half of seaweed sheet.  
    note: sticky rice does not spread well.
3.) Stack sliced ingredients 
    (egg, pickled radish, cucumber, imitation crab meat, etc).
Che-yoon a.k.a. "Mary" (my host sister)


Min-hyeok a.k.a. "Harry" (my host brother)
4.) Roll up all ingredients with bamboo mat to assemble 
    kimbab. Apply even pressure to ensure that kimbab stays 
    intact, does not look triangular or square in shape. 
5.) Dab oil on seaweed edge of kimbab roll and knife blade 
    before carefully slicing kimbab roll into individual 
Kimbab should not be this triangular :(
6.)Enjoy with kimchi and pickled radishes!
There you have it!


  1. hey it's tina..
    looks so delicious Clara!!
    i will try it! i've never made kimbap before.
    did your host mom season the rice at all?
    Jessica & I are going to visit Connie mid Oct.

  2. she did season the rice with sesame oil and a sprinkling of sugar. that sounds like so much fun, tina! can you bring back some of my clothes? i know connie won't.