Friday, August 6, 2010


전서 (Zuan style)
The bottom right arc represents the dragon's tail.

I took an introductory calligraphy course during orientation, and here is a glimpse of the art I been created on my last day. I learned how to write dragon (룡) in five different styles of Chinese. The written styles progress from literal expressions of characters to abstract forms and reflect different periods in Chinese history.

My calligraphy instructor chose the dragon because of its traditional figure as a mystical creature that welcomed good spirits into one’s home. Let’s hope that the dragon blesses me in my homestay situation. The dragon was also hailed as a bringer of rain, which there is plenty of in Korea right now due to monsoon season.

P.S. The three small characters below the dragon are my Korean name (서정은 or Suh Jeong-eun) written in Chinese.

예서 (Li style)
above: 해서 (Kai style)
below: 행서 (Hsin style)
초서 (Tsao style)
The upper right dot represents a water droplet from the dragon's tail flick.

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